The Power of Gadgets as Media Literacy Tool for Young Generations

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 In 1994, right before Steve Jobs about to launch the Ipad and Iphone revolution, he had an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine about his point of view of how technology could empower young people and change their lives. Steve Job added that technology is nothing, what’s important is that you have a faith in young people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them the right tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. For today’s young generations, the advent of the gadgets may be one of the most important technological development in recent years. Based on Kemkominfo data (2018), the number of gadget users in Indonesia are approximately 100 million users. Gadget’s useful features that give access to so many different sources of information have become the most favourite media literacy tools for young generations. For all the advantages, however, people are becoming aware of some of its drawbacks. The most crucial one is hoax that spreads through gadgets features. Wawan Purwanto Director of Information and Communication of BIN (2018) said that 60% of internet contents are full of hoaxes.  In spite of many negativity side of gadgets as tools that spread hoax via internet, more than just a source of information gadgets have the power to shape young generations skill through its features, such as skill to create, to speak out, and to influence other people.

In the first place, creativity is the basic ability that associate with skill to create, as creativity is needed, in order to create something good for others. Nowadays, being creative is easy because there is a lot of inspiration that young generations could gather on the internet. Internet as gadget’s features help young generations to become a creator by providing them a lot of information that could inspire them in the ways to find their fresh idea. In fact, there are a lot of things that young generations could freely learn through the internet, especially on social media. Social media sites on the internet like YouTube, is known as platform which many young generations have used to learn something new by watching its videos.

In the second place, gadgets help providing place for young generations to speak out their opinions toward social issues, with its features, social media. In short, social media is to mobilize young generations to speak out, amplify their ideas, and get connected to make social change through a movement. Connected with the others and doing positive campaign together on social media is also easy to do on sites like or .

Lastly, to influence the others, young generations need soft power diplomacy, the ability to influence people with subtle ways that are associated with the invisible assets, such as attractive personality, culture, and value. Gadgets with its features social media give young generation chance to influence other people who are attracted by their social media profile whose contents are interesting. A concrete example of the successful use of social media as platform to influence is the profile created by influencers, who are mostly young generations, on Instagram. It could be travelers, or even foodies profile, from whose profile people recognize their personality, culture, and value, then they came to know how to do or choose something due to young generations recommendation as influencers.

In conclusion, there are a lot of advantages for young generations provided by gadgets. However, prevention against the glut of information on the gadgets features such as internet, and social media is still needed. Media literacy can become a suitable solution toward this affair, since it will make young generations aware and fully capable to filter the information, which is delivered to them by empowering them with media literacy.

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