Social Media’s Bad Impact

Raisha Amanda Permata Radhi/RD18030197/IN-4/M-W/16-18/R108

Teenagers/teens are people within 13-19 years old. Meanwhile, social media is websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or mobile phone. These words have a strong bond with each other, because as we know, nowadays, people think a gadget is a must have thing, and parents are not an exception. Parents think it’s necessary to give a gadget to their children in the teenage age, and at the same time, parents don’t realize what their children can do with that. They can addicted to the application and programs that offered in the gadget, such as social media, because most of the social media’s users are teenagers. They can sit all day long doing nothing but play with social media. and it’s not a good thing, because addicted to social media have a big impact and can conduct to the other problems, such as bad grades, make them don’t want to socialize with other people, etc. Why it’s so addicting then? In social media, people can share anything, such as their daily life, etc. And teenagers nowadays really like to see other people’s daily life in social media. Here are three reasons why:

First, they think their daily life is not as fun as the other’s people daily life. They think their daily life is really boring, standard, so-so, etc. And they really tired of that. When they are tired with their daily life, they pick their gadget, open a social media, see other people’s daily life, and think the other people’s daily life is such a perfection.

Second, most of the shared daily life just show the “good” activity. This is why they think other people’s daily life is such a perfection. They don’t get the idea that the other people’s daily life is not as fun, lively, entertaining, and pleasant as they think. Also, they don’t get the idea that it might be just an “imaging”.

Lastly, they don’t know what else to do better than see other people’s daily life in social media. As mentioned before, they are addicted to social media and they don’t know what else to do besides that, because play with social media has become their daily life itself, and it’s really hard to avoid social media even just one day.

So, how to break free from this “addicting” social media’s impact? Their parents can tell them what they can do and not to do with their social media, ask them to do the better things besides playing with social media, spend more time together, make sure that they still in supervision while playing with social media, or even restrict the time to have their gadget on their hand, so they will not play with social media too much. So, all of these back to their parents’ role, if their parents guide them wisely, they will not addicted to the social media that brings bad impact for them.

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