Social Media: The New News Source


Long before the internet was created, our only news source were newspapers and news channel on the TV. Those sources were pretty valid back then. Nowadays, teenagers consider social media as their news source.

Instead of reading through long articles on newspapers or watching televised news, many teenagers are first seeking out quick synopses of major stories, often times accessible through just a few taps on their favorite social media apps. These apps are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter.

You have to pay to get newspapers. In Indonesia, newspapers are sold around Rp2000-Rp5000. Even though they’re cheap, they can be dangerous to the environment. Many people, after read it, always throw them away. These papers are hard to recycle.

Some apps have preselected news for them to read. They have their own category for news such as sport, showbiz, weather forecast, etc. It’s easier for them to read what they want. Newspapers are different. For each type of news, they have their own newspaper. There are companies who make sports news, politics, even about automotive.

Using social media as a source for news consumption comes with its pros and cons. On one hand, social media offers the speed and accessibility for news to break quickly. But on the other, anyone can post any information for the public to see without it being verified or fact-checked, which can sometimes lead to the truth being misconstrued

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