By: Salaisya Bilqis A/BD17040130/HI-3/Sat/7:30-11:30/R104

“Smartphone is children best friend.” That common is very synchronous with the present reality. For many children, smartphone is their best friend. Children are allowed to use smartphone as long as it is limited. This is the top 3 reasons why children are allowed to use smartphone.

In the first place, children can improve their cognitive skills assisted by a smartphone. Cognitive skills are the ability to process information, reasoning, remembering, and relating objects with other objects. Now a day’s, so many physically games can be done on electronic devices. Like puzzle or scribbling on drawing books or etc. In the fact, the modern gadgets help to develop their learning skills faster as they are more interested in gadgets then books.

In the second place, smartphone can cause of distraction in children. If you leave your child with a smartphone, you don’t have to worry about the child because there is no risk of getting injured or harmed by that smartphone. For example, if the child played physically games or physically activity like painting a wall, riding bicycle, disturbing others, so you have to work hard to watch over your child.

At the last, children can improve their competitive skills assisted by a smartphone. Children love to play video games. When playing such games with other people around the world and their relatives, friends they get the feeling of competition that enhances their skills of competition and enables them to manage themselves in competing environment.

To sum up, smartphone has positive impact for children as long as is limited. In nowadays certainly many children need smartphone for their pleasure. Of course, parents want to make a smart child. So it is okay for children to use smartphone.

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