Smartphone for Children

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, including children. I think children must not have smartphones. Here are three reasons why.

Frist of all, smartphone is very addictive. Some children often play games or social media until midnight. The result, they tend to be sleepier at school. Also the light produced by the phone screen can hurt their eyes and resulting of using a myopia glasses at young age.

The second reason, children may lose the phone. They often forget to put things, such as pencil, eraser, and lunchbox, so they may lose expensive things. They are also not able to take care of it. Sometimes they just drop it onto something roughly.

The last reason, children should actively play outside or physically. For example, playing outside with their friends or playing traditional games. Benefits of playing outside are plentiful for kids of all ages. Some of the benefits of outdoor activities are attain motor skills, healthy physical development, and boosts creativity. Moreover, playing traditional game can also preserve culture.

Children are not mature enough to have gadgets, so to communicate with their parents, they can use a regular mobile phone.

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