Preparing Youth to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Marshanda Adisti Rahmadini/BD15040147/HI-1/T-T/17-19/R 110

It is often said that the world’s biggest power is youth. Since the past, the presence of youth was considered to bring changes. It is because the youth has an extraordinary potential. They are able to make changes with their own spirit and creativity. The youth itself is the next generation of the nation that later, they will be the holder of the fate of the nation. The first Indonesian president, Soekarno has ever said, “Give me 1000 old man, I will undoubtedly rip Semeru from its root, give me 10 youths, I will undoubtedly shake the world”. So, the quote emphasizes the importance of the youth’s role in the progress of the nation and the state.

As we know, later youth nowadays will face the fourth industrial revolution. Communications and Multimedia minister, Datuk Seri Dr Sallleh Said Keruak said that industrial revolution 4.0 was significant because it replaced many functions in the first, second, and third revolution with automation aided by software. So that, as the next generation, of course youths must prepare theirself effectively to reduce the negative effects of the fourth industrial revolution. Firstly, youth must be able to dominate technology. But, how can the youth use technology well? According to the research from UNICEF of 400 people, 79.5% are internet users and most of them know about pornography. If this problem continues, the youth will not progress. Therefore, the solution to solve this problem can start since early stage. One of the example is parents can give their children gadget as long as they are under parents’ supervision. Besides, The gadget must be filled with positive contents. So, when they grow up, they can use the gadget properly.

Secondly, some youth abilities such as critical thinking, creative, and innovative are no less important to face this revolution. In this case, the youth must have good learning skills. However, Indonesian youth still cannot develop these abilities because the proof is Indonesian youths are in critical thingking emergency and according to UNESCO’s research that Indonesia’s literacy ranking is second from the bottom. How can increase the insight if from 250 million people in Indonesia, only 1000 people who like to read books? Therefore, preparing the youth from early stage is the important thing. Things that we can do are get used to reading both through electronic or non-electronic books. The youth also can try to play games which can sharpen our creativity and critical thingking to make strategies, such as puzzle, brainstorming, etc..

In addition, youth must have ability to speak in public or privately. For people who do not usually speak in public, they will assume that it is a difficulty. Not often they feel nervous. To overcome this problem, youth can practice speaking individually in front of the mirror, and gradually to a small group until to public.

Last but not least, youth must learn to be a leader. In order that, youth will know the importance of being responsible and discipline. Leadership can basically trained from an early age, so that later, when faced a problem, it will be easy to find solutions, especially facilitate in facing the industrial revolution 4.0.

After the youths have these abilities, of course they can compete easily in facing the industrial revolution 4.0 and also the youths can advance and increase the prestige of the country.

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