Online games, in my opinion is a game based on multiplayer mode that relies on online systems using the internet and games that are usually competitive, and something that we are used to hear at every conversation of young people of various ages today, games have developed rapidly due to the development of time, especially in the world of internet, which supports the creation ideas of making online-based games .

The creation of this online-based game affects people’s lifestyles, especially teenagers and children, this influence is divided into 2 categories, negative influences and positive influences , but you can also easily sort out which ones have good influences and which ones don’t , here is the reason .

First, Game developers have helped children or teenagers to more easily choose which game is suitable for their age by giving it age rating ( parental guide ) , why they do this? Because some of the game have some genre or scene that is suitable for the under-age .

Second, When you want to play online games now, you need to create an account and when creating an account there are questions that need to be filled out by people who have ID cards, so it’s like a parental guide .

Third, some online games right now are using energy features to limit the playing time of the players , it means that the players won’t be able to play the game for too long , and make the players can enjoy other activities outside or somewhere so they are not going to use all of the time they have for gaming  .

So here is my conclusion on how game online impact for life , You must be able to choose which ones are good and not imitate the bad ones, and of course it’s better if you follow the age rating (parental guide) recommendations when you looking for a game , it’s also better if you learn English better because of the big online games made by big companies, who used to use English as the game’s main language .

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