Hypebeast in Millennial Generations

Hypebeast is one of the fashion trends that is mushrooming in Indonesia. In the present era, this trend is known as a young boys/girls  who is dressed or styled like a Hollywood artist or filled with branded goods. The trend is a trigger for some young people in the present era to be very consumptive and westernized. According to research, Baudrillard Consumption is defined as exclusive enjoyment. Consumption is an active and collective behavior, it is a compulsion, a moral, consumption is an institution. It is a whole value, this term has implications as a function of group integration and integration of social control.

This is supported by many branded stores in malls in major cities, as well as in online branded store retail. Of course, there are other supporting factors such as the friendship and influence/idol environment of that person. In addition to these factors, the hypebeast is also a style that has a detrimental effect on people who follow the style too. Why this is a bad thing because the first impact is consumptive on something that is not too useful for life and only for inner satisfaction and the desired recognition of people who enjoy the hypebeast style.

This is what makes hypebeast lovers among young people who are still in school ask for more budget for their parents. If something like this has happened, then there are some children whose desires are fulfilled and most of them are not fulfilled. Then what happens next is a way to enjoy the style by buying items that is a super copy or similar to the original. Of course, this is a big loss for the company and is detrimental to the child’s parents because they have spent funds to buy something that is not really needed. (Torlak in Firat 2013:183) said that Consumption could be defined as spending tangible and intangible values that are ventured to meet some demand, whether real or fake.

This hypebeast attitude, in fact, continues to grow rapidly over time, it should be addressed wisely because it can cause losses to themselves and others, especially students who still rely on finance from their parents. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you already have your own income to meet your needs and desires, but it must be accompanied by the needs needed for viability.

With this trend we can make this a valuable lesson, because not all trends that exist in this era can be followed, of course, there are things that can be considered before following the current or style.

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