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How to Avoid Hoax News

Have you ever received a hoax news from your friend or family in social media? Circulation of hoax news on social media is increasing. We, as internet users, of course must be smart to sort which information is real or genuine, and which information is hoax or categorized into false news. If the hoax news are allowed to spread, it will make a misunderstanding in the social life because of spreading false information.

First, you need to check the originality of the news. Some news even lists the site address or link to look genuine. However, do not immediately believe. You must check the address of the site. It’s already verified as an official press institution or not. Usually sites that use the blog domain are less recognized the truth. In the Press Council’s record, there are around 43,000 sites in Indonesia that claim to be news portals, but only 300 sites have been verified as official news sites. That means there are tens of thousands of sites that have the potential to spread fake or hoax news on the internet that you need to watch out for it.

Second, also note the news source by looking for other sources. So, you can compare between various sources and you can draw conclusions whether the info it is correct or not. After that, observe the type of news you read, whether it is based on facts or opinions. Facts are events that real happens, while opinions are the opinions of news writers so they can tend to be subjective.

Third, after knowing the truth of a news, you can mark the news sources. Then, you can trust these sources as a list of information that has been proven to be true. And you can leave sources informing the hoax news. So, you can be more selective about the circulation of information.

Finally, we will be more careful and selective in distinguishing between hoax news and facts news. In several ways, such as checking the authenticity of the news, don’t just trust one source, and search from other sources to find out the truth. Hopefully, we will be more selective in understanding the news circulating and the possibility of misunderstanding in social life will decrease.

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