There’s a new trend in the early of 2019. The trend  is named “10-Year Challenge” or “2009 vs 2019 Challenge” or “How Hard did Aging Hit You Challenge” or whatever you call it. This challenge started when people began to upload their 10-year-ago photos and their new photos in the new year and get largerly viral on Facebook,Instagram,and Twitter.

People taking this challenge maybe because they want to be narcissistic or they want to be called “puberty goals” which is, to show off their appereance when they were in past and it’s still the same until now. A lot of people join this challenge, including  the celebrities, of course because they want to show off their appereance and who are still have the same appereance until now. After that, they can feel proud about it.

But,this challenge can bring some problems too. Beside narcisstic, a lot of conspiracy theories say this challenge is just a trick from the goverment to take their photo when they were in past. Maybe they want to train the facial recognition algorithm on aging, so they can collect many data for making facial recognition algorithm.

It can be true about these conspiracy theories, however, the goverment always have a lot of ways to be able to get what they want and this challenge can be the new ways of their program, that is, by the people’s habit. But if you think it this just a usual  challenge, that is like any other viral challenges, then I think you must be more careful about something that is viral. It’s because everybody will know your habit.

Do you do this challenge?!if you have already done this challenge, let’s hope that the conspiracy about this “10 years challenge” is not true and do not bring some bad effects for yourself and for yourself in the future.

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