Gadgets And Social Media In The Era Of Globalization

     Is social media be a deadly weapon?  in this globalization era, gadgets and social media are very important for young people, especially in the modern era like now, from children to the elderly, more and more use of gadgets, people compete to buy expensive and up to date gadgets but many young people today misusing gadgets and social media to do negative things, That all happens because of .

Firstly gadgets can make break friendships and add enemies. because for example sometimes someone likes to comment on other people’s posts on social media that are related to someone’s physical , which makes him become hurt because of his comments.    or if there is someone who gives criticism to other people’s posts sometimes creates a misperception.

Secondly, Gadgets and social media can also damage the minds of young people,for example in this easy-going era of globalization, young people can easily find a variety of bad content on their gadgets and social media. and by making young people addicted to using social media so that they forget their main task to learn. it can destroy the minds and future fate of young people. Why is it called a “deadly weapon” because if the gadget and social media are misused it can make a person become hurt, damage friendship and damaging someone’s mind.

But it all depends on you, if we can use gadgets and social media in the right way, it can be a positive thing for our lives in the era of globalization, the presence of gadgets and social media especially for young people has many benefits, for example we can have more friends and can provide important information for us. Of course by using gadgets and social media in the right way, in conclusion, gadgets and social media have a negative and positive impact for  young people depending on how we use them.

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