Gadgets, how many people that used gadgets nowaday? From teens to adults, they are using a gadgets everyday, more than 2 hours per day. From the definition, gadgets is a small mechanical or electronic device or tool, especially an ingenious or novel one. Today gadgets are known as a “must have” things in the world. You can’t do your homework without any phone or computer now. But do you know that a lot of peoples being so  addictive to their gadgets?

Beside the positive things that gadgets gave us, there are a lot of negative benefits that we got from a gadget. One of the negative things are being a gadgets addict. What is “Gadget Addict” ? Gadget Addict is a nickname for a person that used their phone all day long, nonstop. And then, our eyes can be iritated because we used our gadgets for so many times per day. There was a case of a girl who’s getting blind because of staring her phones for so long.

Next, phones gives us negative radiation, that’s why we will feels dizzy when we used our phones too often. The symptoms of getting radiated by a phone is dizzy and blurry eyes. If you are a person that use a glasses, you can makes your eyes condition worse, it’s hard to have a normal eyes if you always stare at your phones.

Last, there is a tips to reduce our times from our gadgets. First, do any kind of activities without using your phones, like reading a book, sleep, meditation, get some fresh air, walk around with your friends, exercise, etc. Second, you can put your gadgets after used it for 2 hours. Third, you  can set an alarm to remind you the times of using a gadgets. Hopes you can get away from your gadgets and not being a gadgets addict.

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