Youth, Gadget, and Social Media

Gadget is Very Useful. Is it True?

Every people know, what is the benefits gadget and social media for our life. But I think, gadget don’t give the good function to contribute our life. I think, if the people very often use gadget, can make they life feel bad.

Gadget is not good for body healthy. In this era, we know the progress of technology is faster than in the past. Many person feel curious about gadget and social media. Even sometimes we don’t know what are we doing in gadget until for 2 hours, just sit down and we don’t get the benefit. Just look other people life in their story or their status in social media. Therefore, we can to be individualism, like don’t talk and don’t care to other people. We can not have real association with real friends. So we can get stress. Because human can not alone. After that, we have weak body endurance and can get many sickness. Because when we use gadget, we can forget all our life routine. From time to eat, time to sleep or break time. So our body working get tired quickly. Moreover, we also get sickness which can be say simple but serious. From red eyes because for a long time we keep our eyes, in front of gadget. Now, many people wear glasses because of that. And then, our body have no flexibility which is high, so we can not have good performance for our career.

Gadget can be number one. So many people are more prioritize they life in the social media than in real life. Usually, they feel shy in real life, but in social media, they like a biggest tiger in the world. They can make a lot of negative comments in other account, they can judge other people, like body shaming or something bad. And then, the owner of account or website, feel broken heart and lonely. One more, it can give effect to our healthy especially mental health. And other people can follow the giver negative comment, to make assumption which is also bad.

A lot of people use gadget for good purpose. For the example, for study, and make good relationship with other people. But, I think that is not a strong reason for use gadget for long time. In reality, a lot of students use gadget for a shortcut way, to make a simple way. Even there is student use gadget or internet to search the answer for homework and test. So the student don’t study well to answer the question. Every student have bad mindset, because more simple to acces internet. All of answer from the question, there is on internet, we just click anything which we want.

The fact say, not only student do like this, i think a lot of people do anything in their gadget. We share anything happen in tomorrow and today. We depend our life with gadget. Some of people have mindset how do we update status to get many followers and like or comment. Therefore, we don’t have privacy again. Even there is some people do anything to make other people have mindset, we are happy, we are rich or something like this. Eventhough, our life is more important than other people. We must feel grateful and often pray to God.

Therefore, I think gadget is a bad think, if we lost control and use gadget for a long time. We must know which one is more important or not. We can use gadget to make our quality life is high. So, why gadget make our life is bad? Why don’t we make gadget is friends which very useful, not to be The Destroyer for our life?

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