Gadget Effect to Visual Artworks if Uploaded to Social Media

We always want to share our artworks to social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and many more. We always see artworks on the internet like painting, manga sketch, comic, and lettering, that’s called visual art. Visual art, according to wikipedia is an artworks that can be seen by the eyes and can get in touch with hand. When we upload our artworks to social media or learn from video in social media it will have positive effects. The positive effects are: it can tell everyone in social media about our artworks, learn another art from another artist, give inspiration to our imajination, increase our skill (if we always practice), even get a job, and sell some artworks. But despite those positive effects, of course there are some  risks to deal with. The risk maybe like plagiarism, bad comments if we make a bad art, and being unhealthy if we have so many jobs to do (deadline).

The first risk is plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone’s idea or taking someone else’s work and pretending that ourself create it. Or, we can call it imitating. This is the worst problem because we can be considered as a thief because of stealing someone else’s work. In indonesia, there is a constution in a law, that can make those who do plagiarism go to the jail.

Second, decreasing self confidence. It will be a problem if we upload our artworks to scoial media, and sometimes get bad comments from the netizen because our artworks is bad. Netizen with their comments have a big psychological effect. Automatically we don’t want to share our artworks again to social media, and the worst is, we may stop making artworks. But hopefully, just some people are  like that.

Third, the health of our body. It can makes our body unhealthy if we have a job to do like making webtoon. Webtoon has a deadline that we must finish our artworks on time. Making cartoon can make us stay up all night. If we don’t get enough sleep, we can get sick. When we get sick, we can’t do the job for days and might  disappointing many people.

However, there are solutions to that problem. Creating your spesial characters on your artworks may avoid plagiarism. Being open to ciritics deals with bad comments, and the last, managing time to deal with deadline job may help us organize our schedule. We must manage ourself to every activity we do, including our job, hobby and others and be smart to take the risks. So with social media, let’s do the best for our life.

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