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Nowadays, many people use gadgets for their activities. Various ages, various genders, various backgrounds using smartphones. Teenagers also need smartphones in their daily life. I think teenagers really need smartphones. There are several reasons to prove it.

First reason, today teenagers have a lot of online learning. A few years ago, appeared online private lessons in Indonesia. For example,ruang guru, quipper, genius education, Edmodo. It helps teenagers a lot to study without going to conventional lessons course, Because I know, teenagers are lazy to go out .Many schools use an online system to do the exam. It’s good to reduce paper usage. The value immediately appears it helps the teachers of course. They shouldn’t check your paper again! Some schools told the students to submit the assignment online. You will need your gadgets right? You don’t have to go to school and find your teacher to collect it. It’s easier.

The second reason, teenagers also need gadgets(smartphones) to find information or references. In our country,there is some educational youtube channel. If you like to watch a video, maybe it will good for you. You can search your school subject matter and choose the video, then watch it. Besides that, you can use some browser such as Google, internet, chrome, etc. There are so many sources from the websites that relate to your school subject. Or you can find the journal article or research to help you to find more information for your task.

The third reason, teenagers are busy with their homework and assignment. So, they need entertainment in their gadgets. Today almost all the people have social media, for example, Instagram, line, WhatsApp, etc. Their need to interact with other people, and to communicate with someone or with their old friends use facebook. Teenagers mostly use line and Instagram because it can make a video call, free call, voice note,etc. And, teenagers also like to streaming music or film. The famous applications are joox, Spotify.Their need refreshing because they have a lot of homework. And then, when they have free times their play online games, for instance, mobile legends, PUBG, AOV. They think it can help them to forget a lot of homework they have. But, it has a limit to. Teenagers can’t do it out of their limit. It can damage the brain or eyes.

Smartphones or gadgets help a lot of teenagers to do their activities. It means Teenagers are the right age to use gadgets. In this modern world, gadgets are very important. Because, now we live in globalization era which is, we must understand the technology used. So as not to be outdated from the people around us.

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