What Students need in nowadays?

 I believe that gadgets is q value stuff that people have to use and own by themselves. But it is good for using by all ages? It is good for students in elementary school or students in Junior High School ? Compared to children, I think teenagers are allowed  to use gadgets. Why ?, here are the reason.

             First of all, students in elementary school usually use gadgets for playing games, watching videos, and any other ( Sundus M. : 2017 ), because we can see from their age, they are still need to play and they are still have their own world. And usually they use it when they are t home after school. So they don’t need to bring gadget to school.

                Second, how about students in junior high school ? From a research they said that junior high school has a lot of taskan of course they will need gadgets. Smartphone for get an informations, make a group class, and any other. Laptop for make a power point for presentation, make a text. Because their tasks are really more heavy than a elementary school’s tasks.

                Lastly, we already know the benefit or for the reason why they use gadgets, but gadget ha negative impact for them. Here are several, first it can make them addicted by use a lot of time without non stop. Second they can be aggressive, so their parents should control by make some rules.

               We can compared between students in elementary and junior high school, in nowadays technology are growth, so between students elementary  and middle school, students in Junior high school is the most entitled use gadgets.

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