Addicted To Social Media, Is It Bad?

By Felicitia/BD18040238/IN-4/M-W/R108

In this millennial era, the word ‘social media’ won’t be a taboo thing anymore. Who doesn’t know about this super cool technology? Social media is very popular for its fabulous features that can make us being addicted in it. Addiction to social media is not good, especially for your study, social life, and health.

First, social media has many marvelous features that will make us fall in it and forget to study. As the result, addiction to social media makes the youth have bad grades in studies. Besides, this effect can build bad studying habits in our generation. While the teacher are busy studying, some of ‘bad-mannered’ students are also busy surfing and surfing  in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This habit is unhealthy, right?

Second, young people who are addicted to social media will live far away from reality. We keep on playing our gadgets all day long, make us don’t have time to play monopoly, having some talks with family, or hanging out because of the business in chatting with our virtual friend. It’s just as unhealthy as the first effect. We must socialize(in its real meaning) because we are social being. Yeah, social media can connect us with people in Antartic or even Africa, but will that mean anything if your seatmate would be being forgetten?

And finally, health. Using social media too much will give serious impact to our health. For the example, keep staring at your phone screen will irritate your eyes. It may be seems frivolous, but it will make big changes in the future if you keep playing handphone ten hours a day. And remember, eyes are not the only part of our body that get affected by addicted to social media.

In conclusion, although social media has tons of benefits to our lives, addiction to it is not good. It will affect your study, make us far away from reality, and give big bump to our health. But afterall, it’ll back to how we utilize this technology. No, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media anymore after reading this, but using it wisely will bring many joys and delights to your life.

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